Vivid Sydney 2018: Let there be light!

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‘Let there be light!’ the city said. And light there was.

It was winter, the days were grayed in hazy shades. So it was time to invoke the lights at night.

Welcome to Vivid Sydney, version 10 – the world’s largest festival of lights and the country – and the southern hemisphere’s – largest festival, with over 2 million visitors making the annual pilgrimage. While the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House take away first prize, no prizes for guessing – other locations, increasing over the years, and vying for strong attention include the Rocks, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Darling Harbour and many more.






There lies a theme every year to the lighting up of the sails of the Opera House. This year, it was a mix of the abstract with the animal kingdom, with reptile scales, and fungi, bird feathers and ferns, thrown in with humanoids and hands and geometric shapes. Mammalian metaphysics, tres bien!





What I also liked apart from the Bridge and the House were the installation of origami bird lanterns in the Rocks, and the showcase of animated ‘Cuddlepie’ and ‘Snugglepot’ on the Customs House – Celebrating 100 years of the outback version of fairytales by legendary children’s author and cartoonist, May Gibbs (including the evil ‘Banksia Men’). But then the name is ‘vivid’, so I will let the snaps do the talking. Keep watching this space for more.







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