There’s something about Welly!

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It’s cold, windy, rainy and even has earthquakes. ‘Of course, it shakes, it sits on the freaking Ring of Fire!’ was how a colleague ranted about Wellington before we landed here. How can anyone then, ever love such a place? I would have thought the same. Only that the place was Wellington. And yes, I was an artist. 

This city has a charm, a strange vibe that can best be felt, yet is difficult to describe. One needs to walk through its hilly boulevards, admire its street art, window shop in its tastefully decorated studios, get mesmerised in its rustic-yet-rich old books stores, then breathe in fresh gulps of air atop hilly crests while being overwhelmed in the deluge of its harbour-side beauty. Wellington is all this, and much much more. Enough to dispel your myths that a city can’t be large yet beautiful. Enough to feel its effervescent energy, yet be at peace with yourself. Enough to make you fall in love with it…So what if it rains, and is cold and windy, there are two sides to everything and for sweet Welly, the brighter side is many times more refreshing. As I once mentioned to a friend, ‘If wetness was a hue, ‘Wellington wetness’ would have been its most vibrant tone.’

Over my few months’ stay for work here, I have seen a little bit of the city, wished to have seen much more, but nonetheless have developed a soft corner for this place virtually at one far end of the world. I couldn’t help compiling a photo essay from all the snaps that I took in this time.

At the end, if you do spend some time here, you will admit, there’s something special, something charming, something really endearing about Welly…

(Read more on my photo essay on Wellington here)

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