A weekend at Port Stephens

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Having ventured quite afar into Shoalhaven – the southern part of Sydney, we decided to venture north this time to yet another naturally endowed bay in the fecund coast of NSW – Fingal Bay in the Port Stephens area. We decided to camp in the Fingal Bay Holiday Park, tantalisingly close to the Fingal Bay beach – a beautiful semicircle of a beach culminating in the locally famous Fingal Spit. But more of the destination later. The journey is worth mentioning. Woy Woy and the Ettalong beach Bundled in two cars, we took the Pacific Motorway straight out of Sydney […]

The Ssugarloaf Point lighthouse

A Seal-Rock Sunday!

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Not far from the more popular camping havens of Nelson Bay and Myall Lakes lie the postcard perfect beach town of Seal Rocks, in the mid coast of New South Wales, and 275 km north of Sydney. Having camped at Myall Lakes the night before, we couldn’t help bring ourselves to this beautiful gem of a place. Named apparently after a family of seals that perhaps lived here, Seal Rocks today is devoid of these furry critters, leaving the beach to practically yourself. The Seal Rocks beach or the Boat Beach as the locals call it, is a crescent shaped […]

Sandy shores of the lake Broadwater - our camping tents were just a few metres away

Camping @ Myall Lakes

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I must admit that there is something primitively beautiful in the idea of camping. Primitive, because it makes you feel primeval, like a wandering Neanderthal, happy to move into the vast wilderness of the world, and happier to spend nights and days immersed in the brazen and rustic soul of the world. Exactly as it would have been thousands of years back. Except the waterproof camping tent, of course. And the cosy sleeping bag. And the packaged meals. And the barbecue and heated showers. Okay, I digress, but in no way should the experience of camping look any bit less […]

On the way to the Lighthouse

A weekend in Shoalhaven – II

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Day 1 The next destination for the day was Culburra Beach – a sleepy yet rejuvenating town, south east of Nowra, and just north of the Jervis Bay National Park. It is a quintessential watery paradise – to its north lies the Crookhaven River, to its south is Lake Woollumboola, while its east is wrapped by the magnificent Pacific, dotted with myriad sun-and-sea laden sandy stretches happily justifying the name of the place (Culburra is aboriginal for sand) We first headed to the Culburra Beach Motel located at the heart of the town. I met Gail who runs the place […]


A weekend in Shoalhaven – I

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They say, if you really want to understand something – anything, a person, a place, or even an environment, you need to give it time. Time to observe, understand, introspect and then finally decide whether to love or hate the same. Without which, any judgment  becomes a flurry of an observation. I would say the same deeply of any traveler’s tales. He needs to spend some real time to feel the wind on the hill, hear the call of its denizens in the bush lands and smell the sea-breeze as the waves lash and crash on the isolation of the […]

A Walk Along Watson’s Bay

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Sightseeing Sydney is never complete without its share of seaside walks. Blessed with a corrugated shoreline that runs for hundreds of kilometers, there is no dearth of coastal walks filled with the bounty of the Pacific blues, rocky escarpments and fauna so typical of the continent. Sydney’s shorelines can be imagined as three elongated and heavily gnarled fingers – the North Head (with its famous Manly to Spit walk), the Middle Head (housing the Taronga Zoo and the uber luxuriant Mosman suburb) and finally the South Head (read: Bondi to Coogee) The South Head, Sydney North of Bondi at the […]


Photo Essay: Vagrants in the Valley

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Last Sunday, we turned vagrants, wandering along the enchanting Kangaroo Valley, hopping aimlessly, yet joyously from one point to another. The day flitted between sunny and cloudy, painting different images in the thoughtful mind. While the sun in the bush lands and the vales paint a bright picture, a cloudy day comes in with its own share of melancholic beauty. Instead of my usual essay, I decided on a photo essay this time, sharing what the vagrants saw in the Valley – as they say, a picture is worth….


Sydney’s hidden jewels – Ball’s Head Reserve

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Summer was here. Meaning more barbeque, walks and swims with the bounty of longer days and pleasant air and sunshine. So this weekend, we headed to yet another scenic reserve hugging the coastline of one of the most beautiful harbors in the world – Ball’s Head Reserve. The heavily corrugated shoreline of Sydney covers over 200 km of coastline, with a plethora of reserves, inlets, gardens and beaches – it’s no wonder then, if you blindfolded-ly point out a place on the map of the city, you might end up in a scenic landmark. Add to this either of the […]


Taronga: Fantastic beasts and where to find them

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The beauty of this vast continent cannot be complete without its fascinatingly diverse fauna – while we must have all seen kangaroos and wallabies prancing in the wild, the list of aussie marsupials is one long (and beautiful) one. The zoo is naturally the easiest place to go catch’em all. I was delighted to spend a sparkling sunny day savoring the views of one of the most beautiful harbors in the world, while flitting from one beautiful beast to another. Set up about a hundred years ago, the zoo has no bar based ‘prison cells’, rather the animals are kept in natural environs in well […]